Monday, April 12, 2010

How to improve your SBJ (Standing Broad Jump)

Please write in the comments below on how to improve your SBJ. Include the correct technique, angle and why.
~Jia Le


  1. You could also write down your current SBJ score and target SBJ score and your target score. And describe how you can achieve this. :)

  2. Practice, practice, practice!!! That's how we can improve our standing broad jump. Technique: First you stand at the starting line (feet not touching the line, always behind the line), shoulder-widthe apart. Then you swing your arm backwards and frontwards to gain momentum. On the third swing (or when u are ready, but do not swing too much, you will grow tired), jump and stretch forward. jump off with your two feet together and land with your two feet together.
    Current standing broad jump score: 195cm
    target standing broad jump score: 200cm
    I can achieve this by practicing more during my free time and also perfecting the technique.

    Rayner Tan(21)

  3. Practice till die. Before jumping, swing your hands many many times and very strongly. When you feel the arms being pulled forward very hard, then jump when your hand is being swung forward. It will give you a "push". Jump about 35 degrees to get the going forward and the height to maintain the time in the air.

    - Choi Min Suk