Tuesday, July 27, 2010

5th week - Grp C

A short video on Drill 2.

Warm Ups

Warm Ups
Drill 1: Rayner would throw the ball and both he and Victor would have to try and catch the ball.
The group jumping to see who would catch the ball.
Drill 2: Practicing passing and catching with one hand.

5th Week-(Shock Absorber's Training)

Group stretching before starting their training.

Preston getting ready to shoot.

Seeto getting ready to pass the ball to Jun Hong.

Preston shooting at the cones.

Seeto and Jun Hong doing some passing.

Coach for the day, Gwendolyn instructs her group.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

4th week of school- Shock Absorbers Training

Johanan doing warm-ups before training
Group running after warm-ups before training
Seeto passing a ball to Jun Hong during training
Group practice their shooting by shooting cones
Jun Hong shooting cones as part of training
Knocked down cones after training
Group picking up cones to go for another round of training

Group C's training

Done by: Cherin

Vid 1: One of the simple throwing excersises

Pic 3: Defending the goal

Pic 2: A simple tacking training from another person (for defense)

Pic 1: Group C doing warm-ups

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pupils doing warm up run.

Going to their groups

Picture 1+2- “warm-up” Shoot at the cones. Very good idea of training. This enables team-mates to be better at shooting and warms up.

Picture 3- Balls from other team lands in their court and disrupts the training. His is not the only one. One or two times is fine but more than that can become very disruptive.

Picture 4- Shoot at the cones with a defender against player. Can be considered as a warm-up.

Picture 5- Everyone against player. I think that it is now training period. Very good job for all the team mates.

Picture 6- Times up. Friendly tournament time.

Sorry that the pictures are blurry. These are just comments on what I have seen.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

July 20 S&W Group: Your Mum

Overall i think that group my mum has very good team sprite and if they are more active in the game they will definitely become a better team altogether.

Team strategize their game strategy
After passing was defense and attack practice
Main focus of practice was passing
Doing Warm-up